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Contact Information

Rekedal Pølsefabrikk AS
Heimstadjordet 14
N-2656 Follebu

Telefon: +47 61 22 86 70
Faks: +47 61 22 86 71
E-post: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Party tips

Cover the table with cured meats, mutton and some sorts of tasty sausages. Serve with scrambled eggs, sour cream and home baked flatbread, and decorate with pieces of orange, cucumber, pickled onions, lettuce and grapes.

Storage of cured meats

Our sausages storage quality is very high. The sausages are good for about two weeks in a refrigerator, but will keep their quality for well over a year in a freezer. We recommend that you store your sausages in the freezer, only unfreezing as much sausage as you will use in two weeks. The sausages should not be stored in plastic containers.